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Digital Marketing AI Toolbox

Updated: Mar 4

In 2023, AI is revolutionizing digital marketing, enabling you to make informed decisions and understand behaviour through fast and massive data analytics. That’s why we’ve unlocked the best digital marketing AI tools for you to explode your goals and generate value for your business.

In short, the use of AI in 2023 has become indispensable and urgent!

If you aspire to fully exploit the benefits of artificial intelligence tools for your business, we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this blog article, which requires only a few minutes of reading, to enable you to become experts in your field.

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Table of contents :

- Contents

- Social Media

- Coding

1) Contents

-ChatGPT : The world’s best-known AI tool. You can generate just about anything with it, including text.

-Texta : A handy tool to quickly generate blog post title ideas.

-CheckforAI : This tool is designed to identify AI generated text in messages and emails.

-Longshot : You can create blogs that appeal to both humans and search engines.

-Automata : This tool leverages AI capabilities to convert blogs, news and videos into LinkedIn articles, tweets and emails.


2) Images

-Dall.E : Generates images from text.


-Flair : This tool offers a convenient solution for physical product sellers by allowing them to quickly create high quality images of their products, without having to use Photoshop.

Flair AI
Flair AI

-ProfilePictureAI : Get a perfect profile photo with artificial intelligence.

-AI Image Enlarger : If you have a poor image quality, this tool uses artificial intelligence to improve its resolution in one click!

-PlayGround AI : Enjoy a free online image creator based on artificial intelligence.

-Avatar.AI : With this solution, you can create a photorealistic avatar that can be reused in various contexts.

2) Videos

-Vidyo.AI : Here is the ultimate tool to automatically cut your videos into different short formats, perfectly suited to TikTok, Instagram or YouTube Short.

-Synthesia : With this artificial intelligence, you can generate an avatar from your text alone, allowing you to easily create a large number of videos!

Synthesia AI
Synthesia AI

-Make-a-video : Generate a video from a text. This is the promise of this AI powered by Meta.

-Assembly.AI : This tool allows you to summarize a YouTube video into a concise text, highlighting key points.

-Fliki : Turn your scripts or blog articles into videos in record time with this revolutionary tool.

-Munch : With this feature, you can automatically turn long videos into short clips, based on data specific to social media.

3) Productivity

-Supernormal : This tool leverages artificial intelligence to make it easier to take notes at meetings. It may seem simple, but it is extremely useful!

-Meetgeek : This tool optimizes the value of meetings by automating recording, summarizing and sharing key points with teams.

-Hoppycopy : Optimize your emails for high conversion rates 10 times faster.


-BrowseAI : Here is the easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website. In just two minutes, you can train a robot without having to code.

-Taskade : A team productivity tool optimized by artificial intelligence.

4) Social Media

-Supercreator.AI : The features of this AI allow you to create your videos for social networks 10 times faster.

-Towords.IO : is an innovative tool that facilitates collaborative planning and online decision-making.

-Repurpose.IO : Here is the ideal tool to automatically republish your videos on all social networks. Its advantage lies in its ability to automatically delete watermarks.

5) Marketing & Startup

-Looka : This tool combines your logo design preferences with artificial intelligence to help you create a custom logo.

-AdCreativeAI : The ultimate suite to create all the visuals and texts of your advertising campaigns. Simply unavoidable!

-Revive : Enter your idea, let AI visualize it for you, share it with the community and get your business plan in less than a minute!


-Slogan Generator : Here is the perfect tool to create a powerful slogan for your start-up or a new product.

6) Audio & Music

-Murf : This AI generates a voice from a text, totally realistic!


-Aiva : You can guide this AI to create custom music based on your preferences and the emotion you want to convey.

-Soofy : It is a language learning application powered by AI, offering an innovative approach to mastering a new language.

-Riffusion : With Riffusion, you can generate music from text queries.

7) Excel & PowerPoint

-SheetAI : You describe an Excel formula, and this AI creates the code to execute it!


-TomeApp : You will be able to generate PowerPoint in minutes with this AI.


-AIofficeBot : Create automation with all Microsoft Office software!

8) Coding

-Debuild : Use AI to code a mobile app in minutes!


-Codeium : It’s a code acceleration toolkit built on cutting-edge AI technology. Perfect for developers!

-Durable.Co : A tool to generate a complete site in just 30 seconds! (*in French)


-GitHub Copilot : A tool offered by GitHub to help programmers code faster and more efficiently


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