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Wix Expert, Wix Partner: understand the difference and choose the best for your web project

Updated: Mar 4

When it comes to creating or optimizing a website on Wix, choosing the right professional can seem complex. With terms like "Wix Expert", "Wix Partner" and "Wix Support", how do you know which is the best choice for your project? Our agency, recently distinguished by the "Legend" level of partnership, at Wix, enlightens you on these different names and their meaning.

It is crucial for Wix users to understand the difference between "Wix Partners", "Wix Experts" and 'Wix Support', as each category offers unique services and benefits.

Wix Expert

1. Wix Partners:

Who are they? : Wix Partners are independent professionals or agencies certified by Wix, who offer paid services for the design, customization, and optimization of Wix sites.

Their role: They are ideal for personalized projects, offering expertise and creativity to develop unique and efficient websites. Wix Partners are best suited for complex projects or specific design and functionality needs.

2. Wix Experts:

Who are they? : Wix Experts were initially recognized professionals on the Wix platform. However, since late 2019/early 2020, the term "Wix Expert" now refers to official Wix support technicians, also known as "Wix Solution".

Their role: Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably with "Wix Partner", Wix Experts (in their current sense) mainly focus on technical assistance and customer support.

3. Wix Support:

Who are they? : Wix Support is the official Wix technical support team, available to all users of the platform.

What they do: They provide free support for technical questions, issues using the Wix platform, and basic advice. It's the perfect resource for quick questions or general technical issues.

The Wix marketplace: a key platform for finding the right partner

The Wix Marketplace is a crucial element in finding qualified Wix partners and experts. This online platform connects Wix site owners with certified professionals in various fields related to website creation and optimization. Whether you need a simple tweak, a complete overhaul, or an in-depth SEO strategy, the Wix Marketplace offers a full range of services.

The advantages of the Wix marketplace:

Skill Diversity : The Wix Marketplace is home to a wide variety of professionals, each specializing in different aspects of building and managing Wix sites .

Reliability and transparency: Partners listed on the Marketplace are evaluated and certified by Wix, thus ensuring their competence and reliability. Additionally, reviews and ratings from previous customers provide a transparent overview of their quality of service.

Ease of contact: The platform allows direct and rapid communication with professionals, thus facilitating the selection and collaboration process.

Find the right partner on the marketplace:

To get the most out of the Wix Marketplace, it is important to clearly define your needs and look for partners whose skills match your project. Don't hesitate to ask for examples of previous work and discuss your specific goals to ensure a successful collaboration.

The different levels of Wix partnership

Wix Partner Levels

1. Pioneer

Description: The initial level for new Wix partners.

Benefits: Perfect for small projects and limited budgets.

2. Creator

Description: A step forward in Wix expertise.

Advantages: Ideal for more complex projects requiring a creative touch.

3. Icon

Description: An advanced level for experienced partners.

Advantages: Experience and skills for ambitious projects.

4. Legend

Description: The highest level, a symbol of excellence and commitment.

Benefits: Unmatched expertise, access to exclusive resources, premium quality guarantee.

How to choose the right Wix partner?

As a “Legend” level Wix partner, our agency is recognized for its expertise and quality in creating Wix sites. This means for you:

In-depth expertise: Our years of experience ensure in-depth knowledge of all Wix features.

Quality and innovation: We offer innovative and personalized solutions for each project.

Customer satisfaction: Our priority is the success and satisfaction of our customers, as evidenced by our numerous references.

Choosing the right Wix partner is crucial to the success of your web project. By opting for a “Legend” level partner, you ensure unparalleled quality and expertise. Contact us to discuss your project and find out how we can turn your vision into digital reality.


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