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Why choose Editor X in 2023?

Updated: Mar 4

More complete than Wix or Squarespace, more intuitive than Webflow, Editor X is gaining its place among the best site builders on the market, finding a balance between relative simplicity and pure editing power.

Editor X is a relatively new offering in the market for website designers. It is not designed for beginners and small businesses, but rather for professional designers, coders and agencies looking for a powerful but also intuitive builder.

This editor, available since 2020, fills in some weaknesses of the Wix editor which does not offer the possibility to design 100% responsive sites (they are only in width, but not in height).

Here are some reasons why you might consider choosing Editor X in 2023:

1. Layout flexibility: Editor X allows users to create more complex and customized layouts for websites, with greater freedom to design and place page elements. This allows users to create more personalized websites and bring their creative ideas to life.

2. Responsive Design: Editor X offers a set of tools and features to ensure your website is fully responsive, which means it will fit all devices and screen sizes. Users can therefore create a website that offers an optimal user experience, regardless of the device used.

3. Integration with other tools: Editor X also allows users to easily connect with other tools and services such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Paypal, etc. This allows users to better manage their business using tools they already know.

4. Access advanced features: Editor X offers a range of advanced features such as page animations, transitions, visual effects and advanced layouts to help users create professional websites of superior quality.

In short, Editor X is an interesting option for users looking to create more complex and customized websites, which require a more advanced level of control over layout and design. If you are a designer or developer looking to create more advanced websites with additional features, Editor X could be a great choice in 2023.


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