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  • Why does les défricheurs agency choose to work with Wix Studio?
    We choose Wix Studio because it is an extremely versatile and intuitive platform, offering a wide range of customizable features, high-quality design options, and exceptional reliability for our customers.
  • What are the advantages of creating my website with Wix via agency clearers?
    By working with us for your Wix site, you benefit from our in-depth platform expertise, which ensures optimized design, impeccable functionality, advanced customization thanks to Wix Studio, and improved overall performance of your site.
  • Does the les défricheurs agency offer training or support for the management of my Wix site after its creation?
    Yes, we provide training sessions to help you manage your site through the Wix interface, as well as ongoing support for any questions or concerns you may have have after launch.
  • Can I migrate my existing site to Wix?
    Absolutely, we can help migrate your existing content to the Wix platform, ensuring that the transition is seamless and that all site functionality is preserved or improved.
  • How does les défricheurs agency use Editor X in website design?
    We use Editor X, an advanced website building platform from Wix, to provide our clients with responsive, highly customizable web designs. This tool allows us to precisely control the design on all platforms and integrate advanced solutions for the web.
  • Will my Wix site be SEO optimized?
    Yes, at Les Défricheurs Agency we leverage Wix's built-in SEO tools to optimize your site, ensuring that it is not only attractive and functional, but also optimized for search engines.
  • Can I extend the functionality of my Wix site with third-party apps or integrations?
    Certainly, Wix supports a multitude of third-party apps and integrations. We can help you integrate the tools that match your needs, whether e-commerce solutions, online reservations, event management, etc.
  • Is it possible to create an online store with Wix?
    Yes, Wix offers robust e-commerce solutions and we can configure and customize your online store, ensuring it meets your specific shopping needs. sale of products or services online.
  • Is it possible to create an online consultation site with Wix via Agency clearers?
    Absolutely, Wix offers a variety of built-in features perfect for an online consultation site. With les défricheurs agency, we can configure features like online appointment scheduling and booking, integrated payments, custom forms to collect information, and setting up secure members' areas for private consultations. We ensure that your platform is not only functional and user-friendly, but also secure for you and your customers.
  • Are the services of land clearing agencies “made in France”?
    Absolutely, les déricheurs agency is proud to be a company based in France, and all our services are carried out locally. We value French expertise and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services while contributing to the local economy. Our team is made up of professionals residing in France, which allows us to deeply understand and respond effectively to the specificities of the market and the expectations of French companies.
  • Who are the les défricheurs agency?
    Les déricheurs agency is an agency specializing in the design and development of innovative websites, offering a full range of services to help your business succeed online.
  • What services does your agency offer?
    We offer a variety of services, including website design, development, SEO, content marketing, web hosting, maintenance, and even more.
  • How does the website creation process work for land clearers?
    Our process is designed to fit the specific needs of each client and typically includes the following steps: initial consultation, planning, design, development, testing, launch, and post-launch support.
  • What are the costs associated with the creation of a website by land clearers?
    Costs may vary depending on several factors, including site complexity, number of pages, required features, etc. We provide a detailed quote after an initial consultation.
  • Does your agency offer support and maintenance services after site launch?
    Yes, we offer several maintenance plans to help keep your site performing, secure, and up to date.
  • How does the land les défricheurs agency optimize websites for SEO?
    We integrate SEO best practices from the start of site development and offer specialized services like keyword analysis, content optimization, and link building to improve your online visibility.
  • Does the land les défricheurs agency create responsive websites (adapted to mobile devices)?
    Absolutely, we make sure your site is fully responsive so it works perfectly on all types of devices and screen sizes.
  • What are the different payment stages for a web project?
    We generally require an initial deposit before commencing work, followed by staged payments based on project milestones, and a final payment upon delivery.
  • How can clients track the progress of their project?
    Clients receive regular updates, and we use online project management platforms where they can track progress, provide feedback, and communicate directly with the team.
  • Does your agency offer existing website redesign services?
    Yes, we offer redesign services to give your existing site a modern look, improve its performance, and make it more attractive and functional.< /p>
  • How do you manage website content? Do customers have to provide content?
    Clients can provide their own content, or we can create professional, SEO-optimized content based on your specific needs and industry.
  • What measures does “Les Défricheurs Agency” take to ensure the security of the websites created?
    We implement several security strategies, such as SSL certificates, anti-malware software, regular backups, and strict security protocols to protect your site and data of your users.
  • What is your policy regarding the intellectual property of websites and content created?
    Once the project is completed and final payment is made, the client gains full ownership of the website and all original content created for the project.
  • How can customers contact you for a quote or to start a project?
    Customers can contact us directly via the contact form on our website, by email at, or by telephone at +33 1 80 06 35 54. We look forward to turning your ideas into reality.
  • Can my company benefit from digitalization assistance to develop its website with agency clearers?
    Absolutely. Many local authorities and government bodies offer financial aid to support the digitalization of businesses, recognizing the importance of an online presence in today's economy. These supports can often be used for services such as website creation, digital marketing, and other digitalization services. We recommend that you contact your town hall, your chamber of commerce or other local authorities to explore the assistance options available. Les déricheurs agency is at your disposal to provide any documentation or support necessary for your subsidy procedures.
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